[uf-discuss] Cognition 0.1 alpha11 released!

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Thu Jul 24 12:15:20 PDT 2008

Summary: added support for hAudio, hResume, species, hmeasure and  
XEN; improved parsing, especially datetime; more experimental  
features for hCard.

URL: http://buzzword.org.uk/cognition/


Previous releases have included a lot of repetitive code for  
microformat parsing. This release includes a new centralised function  
which takes care of 95% of microformat parsing. It means that I can  
make improvements to one single function which will then benefit  
parsing for all microformats.

Two improvements I've already made are:

* Improved datetime parsing, including support for HTML 5's <time>  
element; and
* Better handling for nested microformats. For example, whereas  
previously Cognition would only parse an agent hCard if the class  
names "agent" and "vcard" were found on the same element, it is now  
able to cope with the "vcard" element being nested *inside* the  
"agent" element.

I've implemented support for the current hAudio draft <http:// 
microformats.org/wiki/haudio>. This information may be output as RDF,  
and in future versions I expect to be able to output it as a podcast  
in RSS or Atom.

I've also implemented support for the most recent draft of hResume  
<http://microformats.org/wiki/hresume>. Output is in RDF, using the  
DOAC (Description of a Career) vocab.

I've implemented support for the current species draft <http:// 
microformats.org/wiki/species-strawman-01>, in a manner broadly  
compatible with the existing user script for Operator. This  
information may be output as RDF, and (using extensions) hCard and  
iCalendar. Details of the support have been documented <http:// 

Implemented support for the latest hmeasure <http://microformats.org/ 
wiki/measure> draft, treating units as opaque strings.

Although it was intended as a joke, I've implemented XEN, the XHTML  
Enemies Protocol <http://xen.adactio.com/>. To use it, you MUST  
include the profile URI.

Lastly, I've continued extending Cognition's support for hCard to  
include support for new vCard 4.0 (draft) properties. In this  
revision, this has included changing "lang" from a singular property  
to a plural property, and adding support for the "member" property,  
which may take a URL or an embedded hCard. e.g.

<div class="vcard">
  <p>Members of the <a href="http://microformats.org"
  class="fn org url">Microformats Community</a> include:</p>
   <li class="member vcard">
    <a class="url fn" href="http://tantek.com">Tantek Celik</a>
   <li class="member vcard">
    <a class="url fn" href="http://suda.co.uk">Brian Suda</a>
    <a class="member" href="http://adactio.com/">Jeremy Keith</a>
    <a class="member" href="mailto:tai at g5n.co.uk">Toby Inkster</a>

This syntax is achieved by extrapolating the existing hCard standard  
from vCard 3.0 to vCard 4.0 draft.

Feedback is welcomed.

Toby A Inkster
<mailto:mail at tobyinkster.co.uk>

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