[uf-discuss] hCard markup question w.r.t. organizations

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Fri Jun 20 13:42:00 PDT 2008

Basic idea is:

<div class="vcard">
   <div class="org">
     <div class="organization-unit fn">Molecular Biology Lab</div>
     <div class="organization-name">University of Cambridge</div>

If this is also part of the lab's postal address, you can combine it  
nicely with the adr:

<div class="vcard">
   <div class="adr label">
     <div class="org">
       <div class="organization-unit extended-address fn">
         Molecular Biology Lab
       <div class="organization-name extended-address">
         University of Cambridge
     <div class="street-address">123 Some Street</div>
     <!-- etc -->

The drafts for vCard 4.0 (hCard is based on vCard 3.0) include a  
property called "KIND" to indicate which type of thing the card  
provides contact information for. e.g. individual, org, group, etc.  
Cognition <http://buzzword.org.uk/cognition/> will automatically  
infer the kind of hCard by noticing that the "fn" and "organization- 
unit" properties are identical, so the kind must be "group".

Toby A Inkster
<mailto:mail at tobyinkster.co.uk>

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