[uf-discuss] Re: Putting microformats on the BBC iPlayer

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JAWS/IE6 will read out <abbr>. Jon Gibbins has published a useful article
about screenreaders and <abbr>, which specifically mentions the
misconception that <abbr> doesn't work in JAWS.

To avoid using <abbr>, you could publish the ISO date directly on the page,
then hide the element containing the date with display:none?


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Adam Craven - Four Shapes wrote:

> Does anyone have suggestions how this can be worked around whilst still
> keeping relatively good screen reader support?

You mentioned hiding the ABBR with CSS as a solution, but IE6 (which 
plenty of screen readers hook into) ignores the ABBR element entirely and 
will not apply styling to it. (It's not even in the DOM tree.) So that 
technique may prove to be of limited utility.

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