[uf-discuss] Reviving ‘This Week in Microformats’

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 11:35:15 PST 2008

Something we're keen to try and do is improve the way microformats —  
and especially progress on microformats — is communicated outside of  
the microformats community. I had a brief shot of it a little over a  
year ago with the ‘This Week in Microformats’ posts to the blog.

The reason they died out is because they tended to require long  
editing stints to produce something of the quality I wanted. A few  
weeks of being too busy and the idea collapsed. We're going to bring  
the weekly posts back, but rather than it being my own little  
initiative it's now properly integrated into our community tools.

Each week a new Wiki page will be created to live-edit the ‘This  
Week…’ post, and everyone is invited to contribute to it. The  
headings are set out, so it should be intuitive to contribute items.  
We're going to follow the same tone and format as the original posts,  
and post them every Sunday evening (GMT, most likely), so it's there  
and fresh for Monday morning. If you can write with the same voice  
that will make editing much easier, but either way it should make it  
all much easier to compile.

The live draft for this week's post is on the wiki now: http:// 



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