[uf-discuss] rel="nsfw"

Ryan King ryan at theryanking.com
Tue May 6 14:41:12 PDT 2008

On May 6, 2008, at 1:24 PM, Gordon Oheim wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was just reading a blog about bad use of Photoshop that linked to  
> "not-safe-for-work" sites every now and then. Made me wonder if we  
> could use a microformat that indicates "non-suitable for work" links  
> and the likes? I could imagine a FF plugin that recognizes page  
> elements tagged as nsfw and changes their display to none or  
> something like that when you are at work. Could also use nsfc (for  
> children). Google could crawl this and protect my unborn kids. What  
> do you think? Useful?

As Charles also mentioned, there's been discussion of this on the  
mailing list before. The short story is this: everyone's work is  
different (I've actually had work were I *had* to look at at stuff  
which would be NSFW for most), so it wouldn't be very useful to try an  
encode a single standard.

If you still want to capture the semantic of "I think this is NSFW"  
you could use xFolk or hReview and tag the link as 'nsfw'.


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