[uf-discuss] contacts within hCal

Dylan Wilbanks wilbanks at u.washington.edu
Wed May 7 16:35:10 PDT 2008

Hi --

I'm new to the list, so if the following issue has been already been addressed, my apologies.

I'm converting our homegrown events calendar display UI from its 2001-era HTML to microformatted XHTML. The problem I've run into is with event contact info. I'm not sure of what the contact on an event is -- a specific person, an organization, or even just a job title. (The form in our system has just three fields for a contact -- contact name, contact phone, contact email.) Because I don't know what kind of contact an event is, I'm not sure I can construct an hCard around the data. 

Must I construct contact as a vCard? That section of the wiki is a little vague, and from reading the iCal spec it doesn't seem like it's looking for a vCard style format of data. If I don't have to, has anyone else addressed this issue of not knowing whether the name is of a person, a job title, or an organization?


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