[uf-discuss] Re: One more shot at accessible hCalendar

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Thu May 15 02:57:49 PDT 2008

>> Remember that any page these occur on would presumably have a language
>> specification such as "en-us" so computers would be able to deal with
>> standard month and day of week names and abbreviations.
> I'm sorry, but this sounds like a really bad idea. Parsers would need to
> maintain translation tables for day and month names, plus abbreviations
> for them, plus some sort of heuristic for figuring out the language of the
> page. (In practice, many authors leave out lang/xml:lang attributes, and
> Content-Language headers.)

If machine-readable dates were removed from the hCalendar spec what would be 
the point of using it?
Accuracy of dates is CRUCIAL for calendar applications and you would not 
want to end up using unreliable heuristics to extract them!

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