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Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Sat Nov 22 06:10:43 PST 2008

Martin Atkins wrote:
> Martin McEvoy wrote:
>> On your homepage: <a rev="made" href="http://somesite.com/">Some 
>> Website</a>
> [snip]
>> The last thing I may add to all that is @rev is depreciated in 
>> Microformats and HTML5, but if you mark up your pages in XHTML or 
>> HTML4 you are still good to go
> Per a recent discussion on the HTML WG list, the recommendation is to 
> use rel="author" instead of rev="made".
Do you use HTML5 on your clients websites?

I looked at your website and it was XHTML STRICT in which case you can 
use rev=made without any problems, I also have also been informed (from 
various sources), that @rev may make a comeback in HTML5 eventually, so 
really I don't see any harm in using rev=made (for at least the next 
four years anyway),  lastly the reason  why @rev was dropped by the HTML 
WG was because people were not (on the whole) using it correctly, so I 
am taking the opportunity t  inform people HOW to use it Correctly as 
the concept is not too difficult is it?

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