[uf-discuss] hCard slowing adoption of microformats?

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Sat Nov 22 07:23:02 PST 2008

Hello Samuel
Samuel Richter wrote:
> I read some blog posts this morning on microformats and a common
> concern (and I feel a legitimate one) is the "scraping of hCard's from
> web sites for future generations of spammers."  I believe that fear,
> if left unaddressed, will kill the microformat effort.  Has there been
> any discussion of this?
The point about microformats is they allow you to mark up things that 
already exist, microformats document current usage patterns.

People, organizations, buisnesses publish their e-mail addresses all the 
time, much more than they publish hcards, so really the problem isn't 
the humble hcard or microformats its how emails are published, that all 
aside If you don't want people on the web to be able to scrape your 
email address don't publish it.

Best wishes

Martin McEvoy


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