[uf-discuss] How about adding aRecipe, an RDFa serialization of hRecipe?

Thomas Loertsch loertsch.thomas at guj.de
Thu Oct 9 03:31:12 PDT 2008


I'd like to propose the development of an RDFa serialization of Recipe.
I'd like to extend Recipe to become:

    * Recipe, the vocabulary
    * hRecipe, the Microformat serialization of that vocabulary
    * aRecipe, the RDFa serialization.

The motivation for this has both a vocabulary side and a syntax side. Let's
start technically...

I don't want to open some microformats versus RDFa debate here, since they
both have there validity: while Microformats are a good 80/20-solution for
simple usecases where things should be moving smooth and fast, RDFa provides
means for more complex situations. I guess this analysis is already commen
sense. It just happens that right now I'm working on a problem where I could
very well use the extensibility of RDFa.

The vocabulary side of the motivation of this proposal: I was looking for a
recipe format and found that (h)Recipe is the most mature format around on
the web. After 3 posts in about 5 weeks to this list and very few replies
I'm a little less enthusiastic about the community backing than I was in the
beginning but I guess it's just normal that interest in some specific format
comes and goes and development proceeds in waves. I just hope I won't have
to wait too long before some more people take up interest again so that we
can have a nice and productive discussion, come to some conclusions and move
things forward ;-) Anyway I like the microformats way of developing formats.
It provides the chance to develop formats of reasonable complexity, with
good standing and community backing, but without the overhead of some ISOish
process. That's very attractive and I don't see a similar process for RDFa
(which is no surprise since RDFa concentrates on developing a purely
technical solution for integrating existing vocabularies in the web).

That's where things come together for me: technically I need the
extensibility of RDFa, vocabulary-wise I need the community process
established by microformats.org. So why not develop a vocabulary and two
serializations in parallel? An RDFa-serialization isn't much work to do, the
hard part is the vocabulary and that's the same for both serializations,
RDFa and microformat. Basically it would just mean that we give the
RDFa-serialization a nice home on the web, side by side with the
microformat-serialization, improving interoperabilty and reuse.

Any thoughts?

Thomas Lörtsch
Living at Home Multi Media GmbH
Redaktion Online
Stubbenhuk 5
20459 Hamburg
eMail: loertsch.thomas at guj.de

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