[uf-discuss] ignoring minimal hCards

Karsten Januszewski karstenj at windows.microsoft.com
Fri Sep 5 14:20:55 PDT 2008

Hello - I'm finding lots of great sites out there that are using Microformats, hCards and hCalendars, in particular, to maximum effect where there is real value in the data they mark up. (Eventful.com and upcoming.yahoo.com come to mind.) However, I'm seeing other sites where a minimal amount of information is provided (fn, photo, url to page relative to the site).  This data may be of interest from a search index perspective. However, for an application consuming Microformats, it is of less interest.

Consider Twitter: my Twitter profile page has 120 hCards on it (representing everyone who is following me on Twitter), but none of those hCards contain any real interesting data.

I understand this is a side effect of the fact that only FN is required in hCard.  What are people's thoughts on sites that minimally adopt Microformats?

Right now, I'm working on both a parser and an application. What if my application were to ignore Microformats that may be to spec but weren't interesting enough for my application's purpose? Yes, a subjective decision, but I'm wondering what the community would think of such a decision.


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