[uf-discuss] Indicate order of sub-properties

Jonas jonas.esp at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 25 03:29:20 PDT 2008

As example:

FN:D. Carlos Santana Pérez

ADR;TYPE=dom,home,postal,parcel:;;C/ Manuel, nº5, 3C;Flandes;Murcia;31456;Spain

LABEL;TYPE=dom,home,postal,parcel:D. Carlos Santana Pérez\nC/ Manuel,
nº5, 3C\n31456 - Flandes\nMurcia\nSpain
I don't see logical neither optimal that the user have to write the
same information 2 times for both name and address. He wants anything
simple, aside he/she is customary to write it according to the form to
do it in its country (locale).

If this is unknown, then there will be two direct consequences, the
user will not introduce these data or they been entered of incorrect
form, which will be the same since that we will not have trustworthy

2008/9/25 Brian Suda <brian.suda at gmail.com>:
> On 9/25/08, Jonas <jonas.esp at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> The problem is that you are repeating the same information. Using *n*
>>  and *fn* you repite it two times, and if use label you're repeating it
>>  until *three times* for each user. This is not optimal.
>>  However if you have a field where to indicate the order, this could be
>>  used for all users of a same country (as minimum).
> can you give us a concrete example or a link to an example you need to
> mark-up. Then we can discuss how it is possible to mark-up the
> information. We might be talking about the same thing without
> realizing it.

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