[uf-discuss] Watching watchlists properly: the lack of an email setting

Tiago Rodrigues tmcrodrigues at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 09:35:42 PDT 2009

I've recently (yesterday !) came into the world of Microformats and
after looking at some stuff on the wiki, I decided it would be a good
idea to watch pages for some microformats I'm using which are still on
a draft phase, and might still be subject to change.

I had to register on the wiki to do this, and I noticed there was no
field to fill in my email. This means I can't get watchlist alerts on
my email, and if I want to keep updated I need to come back to the
microformats wiki and look at my watchlist every now and then, which
I'll most likely forget about.

Mediawiki supports this functionality since version 1.5, and since the
Microformats wiki was upgraded last November to version 1.13, this
funcionality exists, but is deactivated.

Is there a reason for this ? Or didn't anyone think about this before ?

Also, having no e-mail kinda defeats the purpose of having Gravatar,
since this is based on the email you use to register on a website.

This is also my first post on this (or any microformats related)
mailing list, so hello everyone !

Tiago Rodrigues
E-Mail / MSN Messenger / Jabber / GTalk:
  tmcrodrigues [at] gmail [dot] com
Skype: trodrigues.net

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