[uf-discuss] Quotes, cites, authors

Mirko Gustony mirko.gustony at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 04:57:56 PDT 2009


while reading up on the cite-rel microformat I was wandering which way
would be the best to mark up an author of a quote.

HTML4/XHTML1 doesn't seem to provide tools for this.

I already asked at the HTML5 help list where Ian Hickson pointed me to
the microdata feature of HTML5. The example I used there was:

<p>Douglas Crockford writes in <cite
id="douglas-crockford-javascript-the-good-parts">Javascript: The Good
Parts</cite>: <q
cite="#douglas-crockford-javascript-the-good-parts">Deep down,
Javascript has more in common with Lisp and Scheme than with Java. It
is Lisp in C’s clothing.</q></p>

Is there already a solution or some brainstorming on this? Or do you
think it's unnecessary?


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