[uf-discuss] Practical Examples of Project Outlines in XOXO Format

Doug Reeder reeder.29 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 08:51:09 PST 2009

This seems like it ought to be an FAQ, but I've had no luck searching  
for this nor following links.

I'm writing a productivity tool which can import XOXO outlines, and it  
works fine for the small examples on the XOXO wiki, and re-importing  
outlines exported from itself.  I'd like to test it with realistic  
examples, such as outlines written with something like MORE (for Mac  
OS Classic) or BrainForest for Palm OS.  I'm especially interested in  
outlines with metadata.   Where can I find such examples?

Doug Reeder
reeder.29 at gmail.com

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