[uf-discuss] value-title design pattern

Robert O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Fri Feb 6 03:04:31 PST 2009

Hello everyone,

I was following some discussion on Andy Clarke's blog a while ago and it 
led me to Ben's work on the value-title design pattern. Awesome work Ben :)

In the interests of doing something pragmatic (but probably not that 
useful in hindsight) I made a jquery plugin to stop the tooltips 
appearing when you hover over any .dtstart, .dtend or .bday ABBR 
elements which as far as I could gather was the reason the BBC stopped 
using hCalendar.

Anyway there was a bit of discussion on strackoverflow and a clever chap 
called Cristoph suggested using the VAR tag. I'm not entirely clear 
whether it's semantically valid to use to store a datetime in the title 
attribute but the spec states it's 'an instance of a variable'. Is that 
geared towards marking up code rather than an arbritrary variable?

The thread on stackoverflow is here:

Cristoph's suggestion is at the bottom.

I thought it might be worth mentioning at any rate, even if the answer's no.


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