[uf-discuss] Hatom (hcard) pictures author

Rafael Garc í a Lepper rglepper at mpib.es
Mon Feb 9 02:24:08 PST 2009

Toby A Inkster  wrote:

> Three possibilities for you to consider:
> 1. Mark up the author of the text using hAtom and the pictures using
> figure <http://microformats.org/wiki/figure>. You should beware that
> figure is still a draft and might change in the future.
> 2. Use the hCard "role" property to indicate which person did which.
> 3. Consider RDFa - in RDFa when you say that someone is an author of
> something, you also say what they authored. A basic example would be
> something like this:
>    <div id="an-article" xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/terms/">
>      <p>Blah, blah, blah.</p>
>      <img src="a-picture.jpeg" alt="...">
>      <p>Blah, blah, blah.</p>
>      <span about="#an-article" property="dc:creator">Alice</span>
>      <span about="a-picture.jpeg" property="dc:creator">Bob</span>
>    </div>

Hello, thanks for your answer. Some points about the possibilities you

For the first option, what I'd need is to indicate that all images in
current entry where done by someone different from the writer, so figure
draft microformat doesn't fit in the intention, but I may use it for every
single picture within a review or a news.

The second option, role property is not very well documented in the hcard
wiki page, but seems to be to specify the business category of a person, not
to indicate this person is author for the pictures in current entry. It
might work for this one though, I'll read more about it, I'd appreciate any
links to information about this property and it's usages (different from
what google returns).

Third option is actually something I've being considering, but I haven't yet
figured out how to implement RDFa. RDFa Primer is very clear about it's
possibilities but it's syntax and usage are quite messy for me, like almost
every w3c document. I'll keep trying though.



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