[uf-discuss] Open microblogging and microformats

Glenn Jones glenn.jones at madgex.com
Thu Feb 12 04:35:22 PST 2009

Hi Sarven

I have taken some time to go through http://identi.ca and have to say
that it has one of the best implementations of microformats in a social
media site. Although many social media sites now add microformats, they
all tend to have a few problems or miss out bits of semantic content
that could be marked up. Their formal API's often contain data
structures, that have just not been mark-uped with microformats in the

The microformats coverage in identi.ca is so complete I would say you
have achieved a full read-only API that is embedded into your pages. If
you added OAuth support for secured web pages, I could build
applications against your site without asking for passwords or needing a
separate API.

That would be an great example of the power microformats !


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