[uf-discuss] Using YQL with Microformats

André Luís andr3.pt at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 06:15:55 PST 2009

I was gonna point out the same thing... it can't handle multiple hcards, yet. :)

You might want to enhance the logic that's dealing with the results of
the YQL query to include this steps:

1- if there's ONE hcard, use it.
2- if there's more than one:
   2.1 Is there any representative hcard?
          - if there's ONE, use it.
          - "there can/should be only one", but.... if there's more,
show their names and ask the user to point out his/hers.
   2.2 If there isn't any representative hcard, show their names and
ask the user to point out his/hers.

Don't get me wrong, this is *very* cool. Specially since it delegates
to Yahoo! the weight of parsing the pages. I've been using Dmitry's
Optimus on my own server, but I might change my approach to use YQL
very soon. ;)

Good job George.

André Luís

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 2:00 PM, Gordon Oheim <gordon at onlinehome.de> wrote:
> Hi George,
> looks good, but I was unable to load pages over https and I couldn't get it
> to work with pages that contain multiple hCards.
> YQL is something I need to implement into the hCardMapper when I can find
> the time.
> Regards, Gordon
> George Ornbo schrieb:
>> Hi all
>> I'd like to share an example I knocked up showing how YQL can be used
>> to populate forms using just a URL.
>> YQL returns JSON from Microformats and jQuery handles it to put the
>> correct data into the form. No database, just semantic web goodness.
>> Demo here: http://tr.im/hcardme
>> Blog post here: http://tr.im/yqlmf
>> Cheers
>> George
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