[uf-discuss] Author in hAtom

Jeremy Keith jeremy at adactio.com
Fri Feb 27 02:51:46 PST 2009

Ted wrote:
> Yup, it's perfectly valid.

André wrote:
> My gut also told me this was valid. I even implemented hatom this way
> in my blog.

Good stuff.

> After I read this thread, I went to check and lo and behold...
> Operator transforms the author part of hatom into this:
> object author {
> 	0=posted by André Luís
> }

Yes, this is one of the things that prompted my question. I noticed  
that on Huffduffer, Operator was extracted "author" as the whole string:

object author {
	0=—Huffduffed by adactio 11 hours ago

> So I guess Operator is lacking this "cleverness". It apparently
> doesn't treat the author vcard as vcard, but as a property of hentry.

Right ...which is technically what the spec says but I guess the  
spirit of the spec would be to extract hCard *properties* (n/fn, url,  
email, etc. — as Optimus does) rather than extracting everything  
between the opening and closing "vcard" containing elements.

Perhaps I should an example to the hAtom examples page to show this  
usage of the author property.

Thanks for the responses,


Jeremy Keith

a d a c t i o


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