[uf-discuss] YQL now supports microformats as a data source

Ted Drake tdrake at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Jan 14 16:25:01 PST 2009

I'm a bit confused by the goal.

I'm on site A. I want to use YQL to get the microformatted information from
site B. What can I do on site A with that data? Is that what you are asking?

Or site A has microformatted data, what can I use YQL to do with that data.

Here's an idea.
I have a web site: paris.insiderfood.com. I do a search for something like:
The results listed from http://parisvegetarian.com have microformatted
So, can I grab those hcard details and generate a link in the result that
pops up a yahoo map?

Here's another idea

I go to a blog that has a blogroll marked up in xfn. Could I use YQL to
follow those people and grab their information and create links to the
twitter, flickr, hcard, etc details?
This could be helpful as a firefox plugin to explore a blogger's contacts.

Does that help?

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Hi there,

happy to announce that YQL now supports microformats as a data table. 
This means you can get microformat data from web sites returned as JSON 
or XML and you have a SQL-style language to filter and collate:


What I now need is some good examples, I thought of a script to allow 
detection of hcard info to fill out forms automatically in straight 

any other good ideas?


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