[uf-discuss] title -> heading/label/caption/?

Thomas Loertsch loertsch.thomas at guj.de
Thu Jan 15 03:01:19 PST 2009


in hRecipe we use "recipe-title" to avoid the problems with the "title" tag.
but this is ugly and it doesn't scale - it's not reusable in other
microformats. therefor i consulted a thesaurus and filtered out the
following alternatives:


since i'm not a native speaker i would like to get some advice on the subtle
differences in meaning. from what i understand

heading   has a connotation of "layout", mixing style with structure,
caption   is more of a byline to something than the top or beginning of it,
label     is more attached to a thing, not so much an integral part of it.

if all this is correct, then i would argue that "heading" would still be a
good alternative to "recipe-title" and suitable for most occurrences of
"titles", while "label" or "caption" could be viable alternatives to "title"
in other cases. "heading" also has a semantic connection to "h1", "h2" etc,
which may not be such a bad thing.

any thoughts?

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