[uf-discuss] Multiple vote-links

Elli Albek elli at sustainlane.com
Wed Jun 10 03:12:36 PDT 2009

I also think this is unclear. The terminology is not correct. "Vote" is commonly used as an action term. I was wondering about why there is a microformat for a user action, now I know there actually isn't :)

So my "vote" is:
1.	Change the overall terminology used on this microformat
2.	Rename this microformat
3.	Change the wiki page that explains it. Instead of having something that is not clear, and clarifying it in FAQ, it should be clear when you first read it. I can maybe spend some time on this page.
4.	I still vote for my previous comments about document structure, but reduced to hcard and not the other microformats, since opinion is associated with an entity. You should be able to show on a single page 3 users and each users "likes" and "don't likes" different things. You should also  be able to do it without the include pattern.

I would also guess that in our SEO heavy web world, developers will use it as the opposite of rel=nofollow. It will hint the search engine that users' votes rank this page high, so it should get more weight in the index relative to other pages in the domain. rel=nofollow is commonly used for downplaying a page's relative rank, so it does not have high link count inside your website (without completely evicting it from the index). This can be used to say that the link counts more than a normal link. It will probably turn into the standard mouse and cat game between SEO engineers and Google :)

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