[uf-discuss] hcalendar - irregular repeat of identical meeting.

Ray Foulkes Ray.Foulkes at attglobal.net
Thu Mar 5 07:11:38 PST 2009

In hcalendar, how can I show a list of irregular dates for meetings with 
identical summaries showing only one summary in the html?

In the web site it will just be a paragraph (or heading) with the 
summary followed by a bulleted list of dates (around 10 to 20). I really 
did not wish to show on the website the same summary 10 to 20 times (but 
I understand that the summary is mandatory for a Vevent). I realise that 
when converted to an ical file (for example) each date needs its summary 
to spread around the users calendar or they would not know what the 
event on that particular day was.

I saw one hint that it is possible to comma separate dates in a DTSTART 
(omitting DTEND I presume) - is that valid and is there an example anywhere?

I have searched all last years posts on this list and cannot find an 
answer there. Thanks in advance.  Ray (Newbie calling for help....)
I did consider abandoning the microformat and using a webcal URL 
pointing to an ICS file...

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