[uf-discuss] User comments question

Farzati, Luis lfarzati at prima.com.ar
Mon Mar 16 11:42:39 PST 2009

Hi guys,

I've written to Chris Messina but then thought: why I'm not using the
mailing list?

First of all, it's been many years from the last time I've used a
mailing list, so be tolerant with me please :)

I'm working on a REST service as part of our internal framework,
intended to manage user comments for all the contents in our websites.
With a bit of research in microformats.org, I've found that several
proposals are being developed, but none yet confirmed. Of those, I like
Atom Threading Extension the most, but it seems a bit complex for what I
need. I think we should use XOXO that is more straightforward. hReview
could make it too, as it's all about (shorter) reviews... What do you

Comments should have author+date+comment, with the possibility to be

But the real question is this: none of the proposals (from what I've
read) mentions comment moderation or flagging. Are you working on this
aspect? Maybe you could give me a hint? hReview has tags, which could be
useful for this but I think it that would be a bit of a 'hack', right? 

I'd be really glad to hear any suggestions.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

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