[uf-discuss] Any bettter way to do an include in hreview?

Elli Albek elli at sustainlane.com
Fri May 29 19:23:38 PDT 2009

We have the typical page with one business information on top and many
reviews for that business on the page.

Currently, each and every hreview contains:

<div class="microformat_detail">
	<span class="type">business</span>
	review of 
	<span class="item">
	a class="include" href="#review_item">Hello World Business Name

The class microformat_detail is basically making this section invisible

Is there any better way of doing it, without repeating all that information
in each review. I would assume that if #review_item is a business, then this
info is a property of that object, and not a property of a review of that
Ideally we would move all the information to the hcard of the business, so
it is not repeated in every review.

Same idea as normalizing a SQL schema, we put the type as business in the
listings table, and not repeat it on every review in the reviews table.

In addition, I suspect that the include pattern is not widely supported,
since the engineers had a few problems with parsers in the past (optimus
supports it).


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