[uf-discuss] hreview-aggregate -- votes vs reviews

Kavi Goel kavi at google.com
Tue Nov 10 23:53:00 PST 2009

Hi all,

I have replaced the stub page for hReview-aggregate with a draft spec
describing the microformat that was decided on early this year.
hReview-aggregate is meant to complement hReview -- using
hReview-aggregate, summary information about a collection of user
reviews can be marked up such as the average rating and the number of
reviews available about an item. The wiki page is here:

I have also updated the brainstorming page with a proposal to address
one of the issues raised -- that users can leave a rating without
writing a review. The current hreview-aggregate draft has a single
property called "count" that is used to specify the number of reviews
for a particular product or service. However, many sites have some
number of votes (where users specify a numerical rating or a thumbs
up/thumbs down vote) contributing to an average rating and a smaller
number of full user reviews.

The brainstorming page is here:

The brainstorming page contains a section (called "Reviews vs
ratings") describing a suggested proposal as well as one possible
alternative. The suggested proposal is to add a new property called
"votes" to allow websites to specify a number of user votes separately
from the number of reviews (using the existing property "count").

Happy to hear feedback on this and update the draft accordingly.


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