[uf-discuss] question regarding webslices

André Luís andr3.pt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 04:55:50 PST 2009

Hello all,

first of all, yes, I know webslices are a feature on a browser from a
corporation, but since they are 99% hatom, this is the best place I
can think of to ask for help.
(the remaining 1% is a huge mess, btw)

Has anyone been successful at implementing webslices?
  - If so, what was the doctype of the document?
  - did you run into any troubles w/ mime types?
  - do you know what might be causing the slice to show an error
message along the lines of "Can't render the content?" or simply
CSS-less content?

I'm using a rel="feedurl" to specify a page from which the browser
should get the updates. That page is different. I just print the
portion of the webslice there. I've made sure the page is being served
as text/html and I'm even converting all HTML5 elements to <div
class="$element">, but still, no good. I must be missing something...
I'm close to giving up on having webslices at all, but since it's
hatom, I'm making an extra effort.

Thoughts? Stories? Insults? :)

André Luís

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