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Hi guys -- Sorry for the delay in responding to this thread. Thanks for sharing your questions and concerns about web slices. As you noted, the link with rel="feedurl" allows you to define an alternative page that will be used to detect updates; note that any active content on that page (e.g. JavaScript, Flash, .) will be stripped out (same way as RSS engines work). In your case, I would guess you are doing some transformation of the content on the client using JS; the web slice engine - not knowing of that JS - will try to process your HTML5 elements and crash, showing the message that you saw.

The solution to your issue is to use the 'rich architecture' of the web slices: an alternative *update* page will serve updates, while an alternative *display* page will serve the content (that can be anything you would render normally in IE8).
.	On your discovery page, you can still use a link with rel="feedurl"
.	On your update page, you will need to use a link with rel="entry-content" pointing to the page with the content
You can find an example of this architecture here: http://blogs.msdn.com/giorgio/archive/2009/06/28/ie8-web-slice-and-silverlight-imagine-cup.aspx  

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need additional information.


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Hello André

André Luís wrote:
> Hello all,
> first of all, yes, I know webslices are a feature on a browser from a
> corporation, but since they are 99% hatom, this is the best place I
> can think of to ask for help.
> (the remaining 1% is a huge mess, btw)
> Has anyone been successful at implementing webslices?

I have had some success....

>   - If so, what was the doctype of the document?

It doesnt seem to matter ...

>   - did you run into any troubles w/ mime types?

No .....
>   - do you know what might be causing the slice to show an error
> message along the lines of "Can't render the content?" or simply
> CSS-less content?
> I'm using a rel="feedurl" to specify a page from which the browser
> should get the updates.

ahh this is where  we differ I use @rel="default-slice" like this 
example from my home page :

    <link rel="default-slice" type="application/x-hatom" 

>  That page is different. I just print the
> portion of the webslice there. 

 From what I can tell the web slice has to be on the *same page*  for 
you to be able to subscribe to it.

I didn't do much to implement web slices all I did was add a "hslice" to 
my "hentry", added an ID and linked to It using the auto discovery link 
I described above.

If you have an example....? then I will be more than happy to take a look ;)

Best Wishes

Martin McEvoy

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