[uf-discuss] hCard as page owner's: what signifies

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Thu Oct 8 16:21:32 PDT 2009

Hello Nick,

Nick Levinson wrote:
> How do I mark an hCard as being the page owner's? I need a method that can be used simultaneously with marking it as representative, content author, and page contact.
> I didn't see a method on <http://microformats.org/wiki/hcards-and-pages>. It can't be what's left over after the other three types are signified, since many people who fit none of the four types may be on one page with their own hCards.
> Thank you.

The most common way of doing this I have found is just adding a rel="me" 
to the page owners hcard some examples in the wild are :

Social networks:

<a class="url homepage" rel="me" 

<a class="url" rel="me" href="http://csarven.ca/">http://csarven.ca/</a>

<a target="_blank" rel="me nofollow" class="url" 

Blogs and home pages:
<a class="url" rel="home me" href="http://www.ablognotlimited.com">A 
Blog Not Limited</a>

<a href="http://kevinmarks.com" rel="me" class="url fn n uid">
    <span class="given-name">Kevin</span>
    <span class="family-name">Marks</span>

<a rel="me" class="url" href="http://adactio.com/">Adactio</a>

Hope that helps

Best wishes

Martin McEvoy


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