H2VX.com is feature complete. was Re: [uf-discuss] Concerning the Technorati pipes

Tantek Çelik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Sat Oct 31 09:40:16 PST 2009

Quick update: H2VX.com is up, serving vCards and iCalendars, and also
has new browser buttons (AKA favelets/bookmarklets) that submit the
current page to it to be converted.


Re: 1. TR Ops contacted.

I still have no update from Technorati. Now that H2VX has an updated
UI and converter, I'm going to ask the folks at Technorati to simply
redirect technorati.com/contacts and /events to h2vx.com/vcf and /ics
respectively as I'm sure that a simple redirect directive is more
likely to survive any future site changes.

I'm certainly open to alternative suggestions.

> 2. H2VX. I've been thinking for a while that we need more than one
> production open conversion service and thus just picked up h2vx.com (not
> setup yet) to host another deploy of Brian Suda's excellent open source
> X2V XSLT files for generating vcf and ics (at least for now, I can add
> rss and atom converters for hAtom later, perhaps when the spec has been
> updated with required value class pattern date time support per:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/value-class-pattern#hAtom_updated_implied_d
> ate )

As noted, H2VX.com conversion of hCards and hCalendar events is now up
and running.

I've setup a separate Twitter for H2VX status updates for those you
using H2VX.com links on your sites for conversions.


Please add any feedback or issues to:


I'm considering H2VX.com feature complete at this point and will make
only minor incremental changes/fixes as reported.

If folks write new XSLTs to handles more conversions, we can certainly
take a look at setting them up (e.g. an hNews or hAtom +
value-class-pattern to Atom or RSS converter).

Re: 3. X2V setup docs.

I've taken copious notes on what was needed to setup X2V, as well as
written a bunch of new PHP and javascript to do so with an improved
UI. As time permits I'll add these to:


However for now, I'm going to return to closing resolved hCard and
hCalendar issues and writing up the hCard and hCalendar 1.0.1 updates
- which are already a month later than I wanted them to be.

If anyone urgently needs/wants to setup another X2V instance, let me
know, and perhaps we can work through the details on IRC

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 9:20 AM, Ted Drake <tdrake at yahoo-inc.com> wrote:

> Tantek
> This sounds like something Google App Engines may be able to host. I'm
> not familiar with that package, but it would be worth investigating.

It would be nice to setup an X2V instance on Google App Engines, but
AFAIK Google App Engines does not yet support XSLT.




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