[uf-discuss] Re: hevent aggregation and search?

Evan Goer goer at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Sep 9 09:45:34 PDT 2009

> I was pretty excited to learn that hevent's are indexed by
> searchmonkey at last night's microformats dinner.  Does anyone have
> pointers on people/projects that have deal with searching for hevents?
> Ideally I would like to search for events in a given region and a
> given time range, I haven't been about to figure out a way to do that
> with the BOSS api.
> thanks!
> -Jesse
> http://boss.yahooapis.com/ysearch/web/v1/red+searchmonkeyid:com.yahoo.page.uf.hcalendar?appid=%200UNA8NDV34Hg9Ppoxy66LMqfi1vvj6SVq8IL1z7oEsBJ9Uv4sWHU41t6H27t27onBUIT&format=xml&start=0&count=15&view=keyterms%2Csearchmonkey_feed%2Csearchmonkey_rdf
> --
> Jesse Hammons
> time to see your friends! http://www.wezaggle.com

Hi Jesse,

Right now "searchmonkey:com.yahoo.page.uf.<microformat>" works as a  
simple filter. You can't do fancy queries like, "Give me all events  
with a title of 'Jesse's Birthday'" -- what you can do is, "Give me  
all pages with hcalendar that *also* have the text 'Jesse's Birthday'  
somewhere on the page." So it's kind of crude. That said, using  
"searchmonkey:" plus some query terms can be surprisingly interesting  
& effective. hcalendar searches can be nifty, but I also like hresume  
searches (hresume + "php", etc.)

You could potentially use BOSS to mine out hcalendar data from various  
sites -- since BOSS returns the hcalendar in DataRSS XML, you could  
then store that info and do fancier operations. BOSS has no QPD limit,  
so go nuts. :)

As a side note, I recommend using "searchmonkey:<foo>" rather than  
"searchmonkeyid:<foo>" -- the latter has been deprecated for a number  
of months, though it's safe to use right now.

Evan Goer
Yahoo! SearchMonkey Team

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