[uf-discuss] 2 billion hCards! gathering material for a "microformats.org turns 5" blog post

André Luís andreluis.pt at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 10:04:37 PDT 2010

On 5 July 2010 15:32, Jeremy Keith <jeremy at adactio.com> wrote:
> Tantek asked:
>> I'm collecting these into material for "microformats.org turns 5" blog
>> post - additional suggestions welcome!


one minor detail that might be worth correcting... what yahoo!'s
searchmonkey says is that there are almost 2 bilion pages with hcards.
That means those pages have at least one card, thus we can assume the
number of hcards at large is far superior. ;)

One point I'd like to see addressed in such a post, if possible, is
the near future... Should we start pushing for an adaptation of all
microformats tools to support microdata from HTML5 as well? Promote
authors to write one *or* the other (microformats vs microdata)?

André Luís

> Well, this isn't huge in terms of numbers but it's something that makes my day to day work a whole lot smoother:
> 37 Signals have added hCards to Basecamp:
> http://answers.37signals.com/basecamp/556-any-chance-of-adding-hcards
> Jeremy
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