[uf-discuss] re: HTML5 support

Oli Studholme microformats.org at boblet.net
Mon Jul 12 08:27:52 PDT 2010

Hey all,

I’ve got a few questions about using microformats in HTML5:

Back on 14 October 2009, Tantek made the following additions to

microdata vocabularies

microdata vCard - use hCard instead, taking into account the hCard FAQ
and resolved+closed issues. hCard 1.0.1 (under development) is
incorporating these errata. Avoid the "microdata vCard" vocabulary as
it is an out-of-date fork/snapshot of hCard.
microdata vEvent - use hCalendar instead, taking into account the
hCalendar FAQ and resolved+closed issues. hCalendar 1.0.1 is
incorporating these errata. Avoid the "microdata vEvent" vocabulary,
as it is an out-of-date fork/snapshot of hCalendar's vevent root class
name and applicable properties.

I’m assuming this was when Microdata vcard and vevent specs were
based on hCard and hCalendar. They’re now based on the original RFCs,
so I guess these warnings are no longer relevant, and have updated the
page. If they are still relevant (Tantek?) please let me know the
situation and I’ll update as required or roll back.

* Microdata vcard:
* Microdata vevent:

I’m also wondering if someone can explain the “encourage HTML5 to drop
their vocabulary and use µF vocabulary instead” comments on the
brainstorming pages linked to from:
Again if these are no longer accurate I’m happy to update them.

Under Current microformat compatibility
only hCard and XFN are listed as compatible. I’m wondering if I should
also add these specifications too:
* rel-nofollow (defined in HTML5 spec)
* rel-license (defined in HTML5 spec)
* rel-tag (defined in HTML5 spec)
(the rel values are defined on

There’s a bunch more draft specifications that look to be compatible,
and there’s also a way to add extra rel values to the HTML5 spec:

Finally, what was the upshoot of this email about the “magic” in fn?

Thanks for your time

peace - oli

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