[uf-discuss] UfXtract .Net microformats parser open-sourced

Glenn Jones glenn.jones at madgex.com
Mon Jul 26 02:53:31 PDT 2010

Hi All

I have just open-sourced UfXtract .Net microformats parser.  With a few
lines of code you can load and parse microformats from Urls or HTML
strings.  You can then extract the data directly in .Net or convert it
into JSON, JSON-P or XML. 

UfXtract currently supports the following microformats hCard, hCalendar,
hReview, hResume, hAtom, XFN, rel-tag, geo, adr, rel-nofollow,
rel-license, rel-directory, rel-home, rel-enclosure, rel-payment and

It also supports a handful of POSH patterns hCard-XFN, rel-me,
rel-next/previous, test-suite and test-fixture. The support of rel-me
and rel-next/previous was added to help people build social graph

UfXtract can typically parse a page between 10-50ms. I have gone to some
pains to build a test suite to make sure it conforms as closely as
possible to the microformats specs. 

You can also easily create new microformats and POSH definitions using
some simple .Net objects.

API - http://ufxtract.com/
Documentation - http://ufxtract.com/documentation/
Source code - http://github.com/glennjones/ufxtract/
Test suite - http://www.ufxtract.com/testsuite/

Hopefully people will find it useful...

Glenn Jones 

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