[uf-discuss] Microformats panel at SXSWi 2011

Frances Berriman fberriman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 14:01:44 PDT 2010

Hi people,

SXSWi has horrendously early deadlines for panel proposals every year,
so despite the fact that we're only in June, I'm thinking ahead to
next March and am considering putting forward a microformat themed
panel for 2011.

I wanted to send out an email to people to ask two things:

1. Does anyone have items they'd like to see in a panel discussion.
Topics of particular interest.  Projects they themselves have worked
on and would consider coming to Texas to have a talk about. etc.

As Tantek mentioned to me today, there's been loads of recent events -
such as the ever growing selection of google rich snippets appearing
in search terms - and various websites making the best use of these
(hRecipe springs to mind immediately). The topics around the future of
microformats in HTML5 and beyond and also he also mentioned RelMeAuth
(which I haven't yet investigated for myself, but am doing right now).

2. Whether someone has already put forth a panel suggestion.  If so
 * Let me know about the topic, so I can suggest something radically different
 * and/or we'll put the community behind making sure an already
submitted suggestion makes it through if featured in the panel picker
come August.

No matter who is putting forth a proposal, I'd like to see a presence
from our community in some form next year.

Happy to have a discussion about this here - or email me privately.
Either way - please let me know your thoughts before the 30th June, so
I have time to put together the proposal before the deadline of July

Thanks so much,


Frances Berriman

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