[uf-discuss] Help with proper method for incorporating/extending hRecipe

Dave Corboy dave.corboy at ziplist.com
Wed Mar 17 21:17:55 PST 2010

2010/3/17 thomas lörtsch <thomas at stray.net>
> can you document your additions on the wiki, maybe on the recipe-brainstorming page? Should be interesting to follow your process.

Wed Mar 17 14:21 Ben Ward     lists at ben-ward.co.uk
> I think that this form of ‘extension’—where you use hRecipe as far as it will take you and mark up additional common elements with
> your own classnames *is* POSH.
> Documenting these new classnames and use cases for future recipe iterations is the best thing to do. The additional point I would
> make to Dave is to please try and document this work openly, as you go along (on the aforementioned -brainstorm wiki).

Thank you all for your replies (and my apologies for not being able to
thread my responses.)

Our intent is absolutely to work with the community. Where the formats
diverge (mostly by extension), we are certainly looking for feedback.
Is it appropriate to post a draft specification to the brainstorm wiki
and seek comment there?

Eventually, we will host a public page outlining our extensions which
will refer to microformats.org as the authoritative source for

Thanks for all the help,
Dave Corboy
VP, Development
ZipList, Inc.

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