[uf-discuss] ANN: Transformr Version 1.0

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Sun May 9 08:02:10 PDT 2010

Hello all

I am Pleased to announce Transformr version 1.0[1]

Transformr Version 1.0 fixes most of the bugs that existed in previous 
0.X.X versions.
Transformr 1.0 uses the latest version of ARC2[2] for processing and 
parsing all rdf output. RDF transformations now allow you specify 
alternative RDF output such as rdfjson, ntriples, turtle, RDFa and 
HTML+microdata .

With special thanks to Matthias Pfefferle There is a NEW webservice, 
available at http://microform.at/ which should prove more robust and 
permanent than the previous web-service at transformr.co.uk ( which no 
longer exists )

1.0 supports get by referrer and get by referrer ID which means that you 
can easily create links from your website that extract individual 
hcards, hatom, hcalendar ...etc. there are some examples of get by 
referrer id here http://weborganics.co.uk/demo/referer

More information on conversion urls is availble here : 

[1] http://github.com/WebOrganics/TransFormr
[2] http://arc.semsol.org/

Best wishes

Martin McEvoy

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