[uf-discuss] <dl> inside <address>

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 08:04:54 PDT 2010

> I am trying an hCard (which is contact information for the page owner in
> this case) as a <dl> inside <address>.  The HTML5 validator does not
> complain about this, but it doesn't seem to work for Optimus or
> http://hcard.geekhood.net
> Specifically, when I feed:
> <address class="vcard"><dl><dd class="fn">test</dd></dl></address>
> Both of them say I didn't put an fn, but when I feed:
> <address><dl class="vcard"><dd class="fn">test</dd></dl></address>
> It works fine.  Whaaaa?

--- part of the problem might be that <address> is an inline element.
So wrapping it around the <dl> which is block level, it might be
ignored in the parser and therefore you lose the class="vcard".


brian suda

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