[uf-discuss] Semantic naming of HTML document layout elements

Robin Winslow robin at robinwinslow.co.uk
Fri Dec 23 05:23:53 PST 2011

Hi. I was wondering if there are standards in marking-up layout
elements for common regions in HTML documents.

I know HTML5 defines <header>, <footer>, <nav> and <article>, and
that's very helpful. But also many websites have a <div
class="container"> that encloses everything, to squeeze the content
into the middle of the page, and I'm never sure if I should, put the
<nav> inside the <header> or after it, and how should left and right
columns be marked-up? Should they be within the <article> element? Or
not? And I thought of using <aside> to denote left and right columns,
with classes like "pre" and "post" but I don't know if this is
standard either.

Does anyone know if anyone has come up with any standards for this
sort of thing?

I did post this question on stackoverflow.com, but thought you guys
might know more than the people that have answered so far:


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