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The point is to capture specific issues rather than have a "discussion" - a discussion where nothing is recorded on the wiki is nearly worthless and may as well have not happened. 

If it doesn't get captured on a discoverable URL, it might as well not exist (and no, email archives are NOT discoverable).

I don't remember anyone asking for anything like itemscope in microformats.

This list or IRC (preferably) is a good place to start with questions, but if there is an answer it should be captured by the author in an FAQ either specific to a microformat *-faq page, or in general on:


If there is a specific known issue to report for a specific microformat, add it to the *-issues page for that microformat.

If there is a specific known issue that applies to several microformats (eg class microformats) add it to:


The goal is to *minimize* thrash / going in circles on email (a common problem in standards related communities), and instead to capture and grow our collective knowledge and understanding on the wiki.



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On Jun 29, 2011, at 5:05 PM, Stephen Paul Weber wrote:
> I remember the itemscope thing coming up.  Consensus seemed to be that is solved by root class names, but that was so long ago I forget.  I assume that people created wiki pages documenting this?  If not, why not?  Microformats.org is a wiki first, and the mailing lists and IRC just facilitate the wiki.  IMHO, if it's not documented on the wiki, then it's just a discussion.

Well, "just a discussion" wouldn't be a bad start. Or do you suggest that I open a wiki page on my question? 


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