[uf-discuss] How to involve a new format design

Mingli Yuan mingli.yuan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 22:25:08 PST 2011

Hi, folks,

I have a requirement of a new format for knowledge exchange.
But I am new to this area, and I want to get some advices.

My specific requirement is for a format to exchange Wikipedia knowledge,
but of cause this format could be used in a boarder situations.

For each article from Wikipedia, I want fill below metadata in its talk page:

* title (different title in different language variant)
* permalink
* links for different language variant
* categories
* lead sentence
* abstract
* main photo (img link, width, hight)

Some metadata can be retrieved via API calls from WIkipedia, but it
need many API calls.
Some metadata should be generated by human for good quality.

I think I should separate common requirements from Wikipedia specific,
and I can understand this.

My questions are:

* Is this requirement common enough to make a specification?
* How dose people involve in a new specification?
* How about other choices: such as RDFa, or HTML5 Micordata?

Thanks for your help.


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