[uf-discuss] What to do about SEO abuse of hcard-examples-in-wild?

Edward O'Connor hober0 at gmail.com
Wed May 11 10:51:12 PDT 2011


Lately there have been lots of questionable edits to the
hcard-examples-in-wild page. I don't mean outright spam edits, which
happen there about as often as on the rest of the wiki. The linked pages
do technically have hCards on them. But there are many links from
hcard-examples-in-wild to pages of dubious utility. Some examples:

* http://www.newtosandiego.com/Ocean-Beach-People's-Organic-Foods-Co-op/
* http://howdoyouknowifyouhavebedbugs.com/
* and many more along those lines.

I suspect some "SEO specialists" have adopted hCard on spammy pages like
these precisely so they can link to them from our (high PageRank) wiki.

Personally, I think we should more heavily curate, or maybe even remove,
this page. Back when hCard was new, having real-world examples was
helpful to implementors. These days, hCards are on hundreds of millions
of web pages. We can meet the needs of implementors by having a much
smaller list of examples.



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