[uf-discuss] hAudio and HTML5 audio element

Mathias Panzenböck grosser.meister.morti at gmx.net
Mon Feb 13 07:42:39 PST 2012


I'm new here and hope to have done everything like it is meant to be. I've added a new issue to the 
hAudio issues:

What do you think? I think it would make sense to add the option to write the sample/enclosure as 
audio element with a special class instead of a link with a special rel attribute.

Another thing I noticed, but for which I haven't written an issue (yet) is the "position":

The spec says it describes the position of the hAudio item in a list. "Examples of hAudio lists can 
include album track listings, music top 10 lists, playlists, and podcast chapters." So it is 
ambiguous to what position it actually describes. I want to generate playlists in which I add to 
each hAudio item *not* the position it has in the playlist (this I want to be inferred from the 
position in the HTML file), but explicitly the position the song has in its associated album.

How would I do that? If it's not possible with the current schema I would propose a new element 
"trackNum" taken from XSPF:

Also I'd like to be able to put several playlists into a single HTML file and give each playlist a 
name. Maybe something like this?:

<div class="hplaylist">
   <h2 class="fn">Some Songs from Magnatune.com</h2>

     <li class="haudio">
       <span class="contributor">Timothy Vajda</span> -
       <span class="album">Bootstrap Physics</span> -
       <span class="trackNum">09</span> -
       <span class="fn">As The Crow Flies</span> <audio controls class="sample" preload="none"

     <li class="haudio">
       <span class="contributor">Shira Kammen</span> -
       <span class="album">Music of Waters</span> -
       <span class="trackNum">02</span> -
       <span class="fn">Downstream</span> <audio controls class="sample" preload="none"

     <li class="haudio">
       <span class="contributor">Jami Sieber</span> -
       <span class="album">Hidden Sky</span> -
       <span class="trackNum">01</span> -
       <span class="fn">Maenam</span> <audio controls class="sample" preload="none"

So what do you think? I'd use it in the HTML export feature in this experiment of mine:


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