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Benjamin West bewest at
Sun Apr 8 17:05:15 PDT 2007

On 4/3/07, Thomas Breuel <tmbdev at> wrote:

> I'll add some more comments to the Wiki.
> Thomas

First, thanks for your feedback on the wiki.
You added a couple of things to the wiki as requirements.  However,
I don't see these as requirements: mostly they are issues.  In order to
support the assertions, eg the importance of preserving the typeface
of the original citation, you'll need to provide examples from the web.
(FWIW, html does not make any promises to preserve the presentation
of a resource by design, so I doubt this will really be a requirement here.)

Instead, I'm re-organizing them as issues, and I'll let those more familiar
with this work comment further.  In addition, I'm going to scan through the
citation documents and move anything that can easily be rephrased as an issue
to the issues page.  Hopefully have them concentrated in one place
will help, and people won't mind me moving things around too much.


Addition of requirements:

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