[uf-new] Separating File Content from File Format

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Sun Apr 8 18:48:58 PDT 2007

Charles, Scott,

Does the fact that we are having a discussion on file format instead of
somebody being able to point to a Microformats wiki page and state "It's
been discussed before, and here's the link" indicate that we need a new
page for exploratory discussion?

If so, I can create one and we can start brainstorming. Right now, we
seem to have two proposed approaches to the problem:

Example markup:

The Gorge - MPEG video (22MB, MP3 192Kbps audio, MPEG-2 video)

1. Use the 'type' field in the anchor element for file format, example:
   <a type="video/mpeg; audio-codec=MP3,
            audio-codec-sample-rate=192Kbps, video-codec=MPEG-2"
      href="/angels_arete.mpg">The Gorge - MPEG video</a>
      (22MB, MP3 192Kbps audio, MPEG-2 video)

2. Create a file-format uF, example:
   <div class="hFileFormat">
    <a href="/angels_arete.mpg">The Gorge - MPEG video</a>
    (<abbr class="size-in-octets" title="23068672">22MB</abbr>,
    <span class="audio-codec">MP3</span>
    <abbr class="audio-codec-sample-rate" title=192000>192Kbps</abbr>
    audio, <span class="video-codec">MPEG-2</span> video)

Any objections to creating a file-format-example page?

-- manu

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