[uf-new] Is there a draft for a 'book' microformat?

Nate Klaiber nate at theklaibers.com
Mon Apr 16 07:22:03 PDT 2007

Im new to the list here - but am very interested as to what is on the  
horizon for microformats. As I have been researching and using  
microformats, I can immediately see their benefit - and the need for  
more (in different areas). I have also been reading about structured  
blogging and the strides being made there.

My question is (as I haven't been able to find an answer yet) - is  
there a draft for a 'book' microformat? Not like 'boom' where it has  
information about the 'guts' of a book - but a book microformat for  
the entity itself. For instance, a book as a title, summary, price,  
author(s), publisher, etc. As the developer of www.barbourbooks.com,  
I have been looking to see something like this get developed for an  
array of reasons:

1. As a publisher, we often need to the ability to send out  
information on specific books. Much like the Amazon API lets me pull  
book information from their website, there are many others who would  
like the same for their site (without having to have an API or  
knowledge to build from the API). Authors want syndication, re- 
sellers want syndication, etc.

2. We have authors who would be very interested in syndicating their  
books to their website - but have no clue how to get the information  
with minimal effort or redundancy (IE: Always having to check out  
site for updates to books/prices/etc).

3. Users are constantly searching our site for specific books and  
information related to the books. The goal of microformats to re-use  
existing technologies ((x)HTML, CSS, etc), and to make it both user/ 
machine friendly makes this a perfect avenue. Just as with hReview or  
hCard (adr) - we want to make a decentralized service that helps  
people find exactly what they need. If there were a standard for  
books like this, searching on an ISBN would be much easier to find  
price comparisons and even reviews related to that book.

4. As a developer I have the need to export in different formats, not  
to mention the need to syndicate the information across multiple  
sites. I would like the 'subscribe' ability of the book listing to be  
something that could be used without much time on other developers part.

Overall, I think it would be beneficial and I am still searching for  
what is available (if any). I know that hReview will eventually  
(hope) move to more specifics with the 'type' attribute to include  
'book' - so this would extend well from that. Same is true for author  
information, that could be a vcard extended from the root element of  
a book - allowing re-use of already existing principles in place.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.....

Nate Klaiber

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