[uf-new] Tweaking hListing for microphilanthropy

Alexandre Van de Sande alexandrevandesande at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 18:26:12 PDT 2007

Hello michael and congratulations for trying to adopt microformats fo
your organization.

I do not believe it's needed anything extra to be created in order to
fulfill what you want. Everything can be acoomplished using hListing

> -- So an organization seeking a donation would format it Listing Type:
> Wanted, Listing Action: Donate, Listing Item: Cash

I would simply use
Listing action: Wanted
item: money
description: Donate money to my organization!

> -- Someone looking to donate an old PC would format it Listing Type:
> Offer, Listing Action: Donate, Listing Item: Product

Listing action: Offer
ite: Old PC
price: free

> -- An organization trying to find a volunteer would have Listing Type:
> Wanted, Listing Action: Donate, Listing Item: Service

Listing action: Wanted
item: volunteers
price (salary): none

> * Some organizations (like Kiva) are doing microloans, instead of
> microphilanthropy. So in addition to Sell, Rent, Trade, Meet, Announce,
> and Donate, "Loan" would be useful as a Listing Action. (Could also be
> useful for facilitating borrowing relationships of items.)

that maybe true. But you can only loan money. The best action would be
Borrow. So this way it can be expanded to other things: borrow a book,
borrow a cd, borrow a car.

Listing action: Offer to borrow
item: money
price: mm tricky.. would this be interest rates? maybe the money quantity?

> * One other addition to hListing that might be useful in this context is
> "Cost" (in addition to "Price"). In a commercial setting (say, you're
> trying to sell a used item on eBay), Cost would represent what you paid
> for the item. So Price - Cost would get you the markup (or markdown). In
> a philanthropic context, Cost would represent the cost to make a project
> happen. If the project were already partially funded, then Price < Cost,
> and Price / Cost would give you the % remaining to completely fund that
> project. (Many microphilanthropy sites bundle lots of donations to make
> up one project.) That's probably the least important tweak but I thought
> I'd put it out there while I was thinking about it.

maybe changing the term price to cost might be interesting, but for
other reasons. Theprice of something on ebay maybe one but the total
cost of owning it (including taxes and shipping) may be higher. But to
add this to the microformat, i don't know.

I would descirbe it more like a:

Listing action: Offer
item: Shares of my project / Microsponsorship / Filanthropic Membership
price: xUS$ for each 1% share

> Thanks and I look forward to your feedback on this.
> -- Mike Everett-Lane

Thanks you! So I believe you need not to create  a lot of new things
to start using microformats

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