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Kristin Caulfield kcaulfield at mac.com
Fri Apr 20 09:16:13 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm very much a newbie to microformats, having had my interest peaked by Dan Cederholm at An Event Apart in Boston in late March. So, I'm sure my question is elementary (I hope not too elementary for this list). I'm working on front end coding for an academic research center's new website that will provide users  with access to all kinds of research publications by its faculty. I looked through the information on the wiki about the citation microformat and would like some feedback concerning whether or not I am heading in the right direction with how I'm coding publication entries for a microformat that is still in development. I would like to do as much work as I can now to mark up these items correctly even though the microformat is still being worked on. Any tips or suggestions ? 

Here is some background information on how we will group publications on the site. Our top level categories for publications are: Published papers, working papers, conference papers, seminar papers, books, datasets, and "In the News". It isn't until you get one level down in our categorization scheme that publications will take on standard bibliographic types. For example,  our "In the News" category contains standard types of non-academic work produced by our faculty: Op-ed, book reviews, interviews, magazine articles, newspaper articles, etc. 

I'm also a bit fuzzy on how I would use hCard in combination with this microformat for author and publisher. For each publication there would always be at least one faculty member associated with our Center as an author and we will have contact and bio pages for these people that easily lends itself to using hCard.

Here are a couple of examples of how I am coding brief summaries for published journal articles and newspaper articles:

<dl class="inthenews">
	<dt class="title"><a href="res_publicat/pub_papers/summary_pubpapers.htm">Assessing China's Power</a></dt>
	<dd class="author">by <a href="people/longbio.htm">Joseph S. Nye, Jr.</a></dd>
	<dd class="publisher">Published by: <cite><a href="http://www.boston.com">The Boston Globe</a></cite></dd>
	<dd class="description">We examine the empirical role of different explanations for the lack of flows of capital from rich to poor countries&mdash;the &ldquo;Lucas Paradox.&rdquo; The theoretical explanations include differences in fundamentals&hellip;</dd>
	<dd class="category">Publication Type: Op-Ed</dd>
	<dd class="date">Publish date: MM/DD/YYYY <a href="res_publicat/pub_papers/summary_inthenews.htm" class="more">More</a>

<dl class="paper">
	<dt class="title"><a href="res_publicat/pub_papers/summary_pubpapers.htm">Reconciliation as identity change: A social-psychological perspective</a></dt>
	<dd class="author">by <a href="people/longbio.htm">Herbert C. Kelman</a></dd>
	<dd class="description">This artcle focuses on reconciliation in the context of and in relation to an emerging or recently completed process of conflict resolution.&hellip;</dd>
	<dd class="category">Publication Type: Journal article</dd>
	<dd class="date">Publish date: MM/DD/YYYY <a href="res_publicat/pub_papers/summary_pubpapers.htm" class="more">More</a></dd>

Full summaries would also include: Author bio information, the full Chicago Manual of Style formatted citation, and copyright information.

And if the general microformat list is more appropriate, I apologize. Since citation is still an open microformat I came here.

Thanks for your help,
K. Caulfield

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