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Brian Fidler fidlerb at covad.net
Mon Apr 23 16:44:17 PDT 2007

Hi Michael,

did you receive the email I sent to you regarding my new  
recommendation for exploration of the property listing dilemma? Check  
out: http://microformats.org/wiki/realestate_propertydetail

I believe we both want to create the same thing.

brian fidler

On Apr 17, 2007, at 1:14 PM, Michael Biven wrote:

> Here is a listing number to look at. We don't use permalinks right
> now, but I've only recently taken over as the MLS Director and that is
> one item on my list of things to change.
> If you got to http://www.louisvillerealtors.com and click on the all
> properties link (middle of page) you can refine the search to look at
> this listing (1154370) and below I have what I came up with after
> using the schema form the hListing proposal.
> Listing Action : Sell
> Lister: Keller Williams Realty
> location: 536 S Fourth St, Loiuisville KY 40202
> price $335,500
> item info (fn || url || photo || geo || adr) | hCard (for person or  
> business).
> item info photo: Photo
> item info geo or just item info url: map & directions
> summary (title): GLAR :: Property Search
> description "Stunning one of a kind loft, Unit 202 is in the red tiled
> building and features soaring ceilings; exposed brick; tiled showers;
> 119 year old, refinished heart pine floors; stone countertops; modern
> European cabinetry; tile finishes; 2 bedrooms; the master bath
> features both a tub and tiled shower. This unit is spectacular with
> three, tall French doors with transoms, opening on to an iron balcony
> that runs the width of the unit and overlooks Fourth St. Very "New
> Orleans"! If you've seen the other loft developments in town, now come
> see this one! This beautiful, Art Deco Landmark, is being lovingly
> restored and converted into 18 incredible lofts! A few feet from The
> historic Seelbach Hotel and one block from "Fourth Street Live!". A
> short walk to YMCA, Louisville Medical Center, Louisville Palace, and
> a myriad of restaurants, and cultural attractions. ONE INDOOR, SECURED
> PARKING SPOT ON FIRST FLOOR OF BUILDING! This is spacious, reasonably
> priced, urban living at it's best! Your clients will LOVE it."
> I guess things like  the MLS number, subdivision, square footage, age
> or any of the other fields could use "item info fn", but to me it
> seems that we could arrive at a a set of common fields to use with a
> real estate listing.
> I do remember seeing a link to the RETS standard in the wiki so some
> of you are aware of it and the draft of the new 2.0 standard has a
> place (under the other payload section) that a microformat could
> easily fall into. Plus after talking with Keith Garner (from the
> Center for Realtor Technology at the National Association of Realtors)
> there seems to be some interest in this.
> The issue I have is that after spending quite a bit of energy to show
> that using such a tool would be useful and a step in the right
> direction for the Realtor association that I'm the MLS Director with,
> I'm almost too tired to argue here that there is a need for additional
> fields or a maybe new proposal to include the "most common and useful
> parts" for real estate listings.
> On 3/21/07, Ryan King <ryan at technorati.com> wrote:
>> On Mar 20, 2007, at 6:44 AM, Scott Reynen wrote:
>> > On Mar 20, 2007, at 7:09 AM, Michael Biven wrote:
>> >
>> >> On 3/20/07, Ryan King <ryan at technorati.com> wrote:
>> >>
>> >>> Before proposing that we replace, replicate or extend hListing,
>> >>> please experiment with it on actual examples and provide feedback
>> >>> about its limitations. As of now, your objections are  
>> theoretical.
>> >>
>> >> That you can count on. I have to disagree that my point is
>> >> theoretical, but instead it is practical. There is enough common
>> >> fields between each of the different types of real estate listings
>> >> that are not included with hListings, becasue it deals with a much
>> >> larger set of different types of unrelated  "things" to list.
>> >
>> > Actual experimentation with hListing is more useful than abstract
>> > discussion.  We could go around in circles about whether hListing
>> > would help for months, or someone could actually try it and we
>> > could all see clearly where it works and where it doesn't.  The
>> > latter is strongly preferred.
>> ....with documentation on the wiki.
>> -ryan
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